Who is MD's Choice?

Our company was founded in 1995 on the belief that nutritional supplementation is needed by almost all Americans. Our bodies are a collection of wonderfully complex systems working together to allow us to work, play, raise families and communicate with others. Our bodies have to constantly replenish themselves with the nutrients they need to be able to maintain themselves, fight infections, heal, and grow. Many of our formulas, some of which are patented, were developed in-house.

Our company's founders, Dr. David F. Davenport, D.V.M., M.S., C.N.S. and Dr. Eric Martin, D.V.M., are doctors of veterinarian medicine that are specializing in the study of nutrition in all species. They have found that Americans' diets place convenience and pleasure before nourishment. While supplementing diets with minerals and vitamins is becoming more popular, it is very hard to find economical, quality products containing what is really needed and not just what people happen to be talking about today. That is why MD's Choice has done extensive research to find out what nutrients have been proven to be beneficial and necessary in a preventive health and nutritional supplementation program. Through our review of current scientific literature and communication with numerous companies, MD's Choice has chosen a selective few manufacturers in order to provide our customers with the nutrients they need through products they can trust.

As the public has become increasingly educated concerning their diets and health, many companies have responded by providing an almost overwhelming array of health supplements to choose from. Many store shelves have hundreds and even thousands of different products to offer, each promising results. Often, they simply lead to more questions than answers. Certainly we do not have all the answers to the claims made for many nutritional supplements, but many of the answers do exist. More importantly, they exist in the form of research that has been performed in the laboratory, the clinical setting and in everyday life with average people. In an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality nutritional supplements, hours have been spent in reviewing research articles to find whether many of the claims made are in fact backed by science. We are not herbalists. Our area of focus is vitamin, mineral, and trace mineral nutrition, with a focus on preventive health programs. While we also provide individual nutrients that can help fill deficiencies that can cause specific diseases, treatment programs are designed with your physicians and are not done strictly by our company. We strive to work with our clients to customize a preventive health program that will do the most to prevent future nutritional deficiencies, allow maximal functioning of all body systems and fill existing deficiencies.

When you evaluate your nutritional supplementation program, consider RDA's and the specific forms that mineral ingredients are provided in. First, the government has summarized current research to give values of certain nutrients that individuals need to prevent particular clinical diseases. These values are listed as RDA's, USRDA's, RDI's, or DV's. It is important that everyone realizes that these amounts are only what is necessary to prevent specific, definable diseases. This number is not the same as the amounts necessary for your body to perform at its best. Vitamin E is a good example. No specific vitamin E deficiency has been found, so the RDA has been set at a token amount of 10 IU per day. Most scientific research shows that 250-300 IU are what is needed for your optimum health.

A mineral is an individual atom – the smallest particle that retains its own identity – which is bound to other larger molecules, both in food and in supplements. What this means to you is that different forms of the minerals you need are recognized and utilized by your body in different ways. The various forms of calcium are an excellent example. Calcium carbonate is simply ground up limestone and your body does not recognize it as well as other forms such as amino acid chelated, citrate or lactate. MD's Choice uses the forms of the minerals that your body can use the best in its everyday functions. 

In addition, most supplement companies list the amount of a mineral by the weight of the entire mineral complex, instead of just the elemental amount of the individual mineral. The multiple manufacturers we deal with have assured us that it's impossible to get more than 250 mg of elemental calcium in any tablet or capsule that is small enough for a person to swallow. This means that if a calcium citrate tablet lists 600mg calcium, it is actually measuring the weight of both the calcium and the citrate instead of just the calcium. This is the most confusing (if not deceiving) part of designing a supplementation program.

Since not everyone has access to the resources needed or the time it takes to search out and find these articles, we will be posting them on this site. It is our hope that this will enable you to read for yourself the information and supporting evidence that is coming from the scientific community. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know at our Toll Free Number: 1-800-628-0997

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